Astral (Image of Gods #2)

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She made it out alive, but not unbroken. 

Brynneth survived Revrendial, but she lost more inside its walls than she can bear to admit. Unable to go home and pursued by the Everlord’s army, she turns to the one person who can promise protection: the Neverlord. However, when she arrives at his mountain fortress, all she finds are more secrets and lies. 

The boy she loves retreats inside himself as he fights a force she can’t understand. 

The father she thought she knew hides a secret past she never suspected. 

A masked man stalks the night, leaving death in his wake. 

And the mysterious Neverlord hides in his home, seeing no one but his group of fanatical disciples. 

As a siege rages outside the mountain’s walls, revolution brews within. Brynneth finds herself an unlikely playing piece in the conflict–a piece both sides are fighting to control–but she isn’t the same girl she was in Revrendial. She won’t obey without question or bow without respect. She won’t be controlled. She’ll forge her own path at any cost, even if it leads her to a darkness inside herself she never knew existed. 

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